Accessory Products Autoclaveable and Reusable

LAK Double-Sided Mixing Bowls

Large Bowl: 105 ccs. and 210 ccs. Use larger size to mix acrylic material for upper and lower dentures. Smaller size for relining full upper and lower dentures. Includes cover. Medium Bowl: 15 ccs. and 30 ccs. Excellent for mixing tissue conditioning material, reline material, acrylic for temporaries, prophy paste, pumice, etc. Small Bowl: 3.5 ccs. and 7.5 ccs. Excellent for acrylic, prophy paste, pumice, liquids, etc.

Sold in packages of 3

LAK Large and Small Spatulas

Resists adhesion to dental materials and cleans very easily. Ideal for mixing impression material, alginate, stone, acrylic for dentures, composites, cements, etc. Large spatula is left and right handed and small spatula is double-sided.

Sold in packages of 3

LAK Large Mixing Pad

w/Small Spatula

Resists adhesion to dental materials,  cleans  easily. For mixing composites, impression material, cements, etc. 6” x 8” size has imperial & metric units. Pad comes with  small double sided spatula made of the same material. Most products can be cleaned easily with a 2 x 2 gauze soaked with alcohol or orange solvent. If the material sets up, do not scrape pad with any type of metal spatula, only use our spatulas. Sold in packages of 3

LAK Small Mixing Pad and Ball Burnisher with “Hollenbeck” Type Plastic Instrument

The small mixing pad has 5 wells for liquids. Great for etching, cleaning agents, etc. The ball burnisher is ideal for placement of calcium hydroxide, bonding agents, liners, composites, etc.

Sold in packages of 3

LAK Lrg/Sml Interdental Wedges

Two sizes (large & small) to t all interdental spaces. Unique hollow design compresses upon insertion for optimal lateral pressure at wedge base. Allows for composites or hybrid fillings to be cured. Anatomically configured to readily shape to the contour(s) of the mesial and distal spaces. Excellent for all multi-surface fillings.

Box of 400 Large or Small

LAK Suction Cup

This device is used to remove saliva and debris from the mouth. It is extremely advantageous when working on the patient in a supine position. The cup covers the lips and is connected to a high volume evacuator that has an o and on switch to regulate the vacuum. There is a vent on the suction cup to prevent sucking the lips. Closing the vent with your finger during evacuation and releasing it will break the vacuum.

Box of 25


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